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Pass Your Challenges

We do the hardwork for you


  Here at Oracle EA, our Experts will pass your Prop Firm Challenges! In fact, our System is so advanced that we GUARANTEE we will pass your Challenge or you will receive your money back 100%

  This Brand New Service is a one time payment and will vary based upon your account size (Price Guide Below) once your funded you can either use Oracle 2.0 or manually trade your account!



Our Advanced Algorithm

    Oracle EA will always understand the entrepreneur in you! this is why we offer our cutting edge algorithm that passes challenges within 1-3 trading days with a 95% passing rate. We are the ONLY Company to offer this. 

   Our Algorithm which we like to call "Project Algo" (a VARIANT of WP7) is made to ONLY Pass Your Challenges and works with a handful amount of Prop Firm Companies 

   Why Only a Select Few? companies like FTMO and My Forex Funds are very well known in the industry, whereas companies like First Class Forex Funds are fairly new allow our algorithm because by us passing their challenges, we are bringing them more clientele and helping build their prop firm company.

*Prop Firms are always subject to change please contact support for what firms are currently accepting our EA*

*Past Results NEVER Predict Future Results*



Current Prop Firms

Verified Prop Firms!

First Class Forex Funds 

Funded Forex

Next Step Funded 

Verified Brokers!



IC Markets

We Will Pass Your Challenge!


$25K Account


$50k Account


$100K Account


$200K Account


$500K Account


Our team will pass your challenge 100% or your money back! once ready to purchase, you may select the buy now link and manually ENTER the price for the account size you want us to pass. our team will then reach out via Email to go forward with everything!

*Contact support for Crypto Wallet Address*

 payment must  be   made in Crypto  

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