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frequently Asked Questions

Can Oracle Pass
Funded challenges?

Yes, Oracle 2.0 is designed to pass prop firm challenges, both phase 1 and 2 as well as manage your funded account!

Will my account get flagged for using oracle?

Never! the main reason this happens with other EA companies is because all their clients are taking the same trades on the same Set Files. We offer over 30 profitable set files to choose from and show you Oracle's "secret sauce" to NEVER get flagged.

Can I Run it on a live account?

Yes, Oracle 2.0 works just as good on a live account! 

What's the minimum deposit for live accounts?

We recommend a minimum deposit of $500 but have seen results with as little as $100

Do you provide all set files after purchase?

Yes, after purchasing you will have full lifetime access to Oracle EA and you will be able to find all set files via discord 

What type of roi can I expect?

Always! you will gain full lifetime access to our community filled with PLENTY of experienced traders and EA experts that are always very welcoming and happy to help! Chris and Justin are also available and direct access to them will be provided as well!

On average, Oracle EA can do around 10-15% safely and consistently for the novice trader, but If you're experienced with EA's you can expect around 20-30% monthly

Is there a monthly cost?

Not at all, Oracle 2.0 is a one time payment! 

What is the authorized reseller package?

Authorized Reseller package allows you to legally resell Oracle 2.0 and keep 100% of your sales. Monthly Payment of $500 is all that is required

What is the white label package?

Our White Label Package allows you to create and scale a 6 figure business! We will provide our software and rename it for you!

How many accounts can I use the ea on?

Unlimited Accounts.. You can use with as many live accounts or funded accounts. It's your product that you paid for! we wouldn't limit your success in anyway.

Why are crypto payments preferred?

We prefer Crypto payments because they're fast and easy! we believe Crypto is the future and who doesn't love a discount? 

What's the difference between oracle 2.0 and Project Algo?

Oracle 2.0 and Project Algo both are made to pass prop firm challenges. Project Algo can pass in 1-3 days where Oracle 2.0 may take 1-3 weeks (varies for aggressive or conservative setfiles). Oracle 2.0 can manage your funded account once phase 1 and 2 are passed and can also trade on a live account. Project Algo is ONLY valid to use on prop firm challenges at this moment!

Please Note..

- We have ZERO tolerance for unauthorized individuals to resell our EA. your lifetime access will be revoked

- There are no refunds what's so ever due to the nature of the product.

- If you purchased somewhere other than our website we are not responsible! 

Forms of Payment

We accept the following..

Credit / Debit Cards 


Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp

The Following Payment Methods Below Are Available Upon Request (Contact Live Chat)

PayPal, Zelle, Skrill, and Venmo

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