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  EZ HFT provides LIFETIME ACCESS to our Discord with 24/7 Support. Set Files are not required therefore are not provided, as stated above this HFT is beginner friendly and was created to work "Plug and Play" style. The User will be able to adjust lot sizes only.

  Purchasing EZ HFT, you are given an unlimited file! you can use this EA on as many prop firm accounts as you'd like!

  Oracle presents "EZ HFT" our latest HFT bot that is both beginner and budget friendly! 

  Our team wanted to provide all the benefits of an HFT bot in its simplest form. EZ HFT is truly plug and play.

  Being that EZ HFT is an HFT bot, you will be able to use it to pass your prop firm challenges ONLY (we provide a list upon purchasing) after passing Phases 1 & 2 with EZ HFT, you can either manually trade the account or use Oracle EA 2.0!

  Looking for an HFT on live accounts?

Oracle offers Project Algo which uses hidden arbitrage so you can pass your challenges but also trade your live personal accounts!

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