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Real clients. Real payouts.

  Oracle ensures our clients are profitable when using our products! with FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to our Discord with every purchase, our clients are receiving 24/7 support and communicating with others so you'll never feel left out!

  Within our Discord, you'll find all required Set Files (FREE with all purchases) as well as access to our bootcamp! We have mini bootcamps for all products we offer due to the varying experiences our clients have.

  One of our well known clients made $12,815 in a single month! this just goes to show what's possible when proper instructions are followed along and properly applied!

  When Purchasing ANY of our products we will always provide what brokers our products are currently allowed on that have been verified with payouts from our team first!

Pass Your Challenges Today!

  No matter what product you purchase, they're all meant to pass Prop Firms. The product(s) you may purchase will solely be based off your goals and use of the EA(s) 

Example: a Client interested in getting funded with a MAJOR Prop Firm such as FTMO or My Forex Funds, we would recommend that client to purchase Oracle 2.0 due to the Major Prop Firms not accepting High Frequency Trading Bots


Whichever product best suits you and your trading style, our products will deliver! The time it takes to pass phases 1 & 2 will vary from trader to trader but on average it could take 1-3 weeks if using Oracle 2.0 & 1 week if using Project Algo. Our Team will always provide all necessary settles that have been PROVEN & VERIFIED. This means we have tested these set files and have passed challenges and or received a payout using these set files!

See our everyday Results

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